Why GitBook?
    Easy maintenance
    Git/file system support
      In theory, easy migration to different platforms
      Doesn't require me to have internet access
      I can easily do a grep or ack locally to find information.
      Markdown support
      Easy styling
    Nice UI
    Decent free Basic plan
      Includes one free private book
    No need to always use command line
    Custom domains
    Google Analytics support
      Bi-directional support
      I can make hooks into GitBook via GitHub hooks, see gitbook-summary
    Renaming pages appears to maintain old URLs
      Only if it is not moved to a different folder
    Works decently on my 11” iPad Pro 2018
      Browsing is fine on quarter, half or full screen
      Can’t use Safari’s split screen mode for editing
        Require’s using full screen, sad
    Works 1146px width (UWQD Display: 3440 / 3)
    Organizing a lot of pages is difficult, even if nested
      At 59 pages, it was already difficult to reorganize
      I may have to organize things on the filesystem/markdown
      I could potentially move to a second GitBook, but I like everything organized in one for now
    Long pages can be very confusing
      Better to break out the content into different pages
      Increases the problem of organizing a lot of pages
    Content is not really "static"
    Doesn't use same header shortcuts as Google Docs
    Single theme
      I don't really mind it. It's a decent but most importantly, usable theme.
    Logs to git commit history could be nicer
    No offline read/write support
      Workaround is to download the repository
    Moving pages doesn't redirect to new URL
      For renaming pages in the same directory structure, the old url still works
      For moving pages into a different directory, the old url will not work
    I tried to compile a version using their gitbook-cli tool but it failed on notes/javascript/fetch.md
    GitBook stores assets/images under .gitbook/assets
    Assets retain their filename
Other static site generators: https://www.staticgen.com
Previously using Phenomic. cons: Fully manual.
Other notable GitBooks:

Available Content Features

B​esides the standard Markdown features.

Task List

    Incomplete Task
    Completed Task




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Tree structure doesn't work so well for content which can exist in multiple branches.
I put everything in a single table and use tags.
    Exporting isn't easy
    No history
    No automatic export

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