Why GitBook?


  • Easy maintenance

  • Git/file system support

    • In theory, easy migration to different platforms

    • Doesn't require me to have internet access

    • I can easily do a grep or ack locally to find information.

    • Markdown support

    • Easy styling


  • Nice UI

  • Decent free Basic plan

    • Includes one free private book

  • No need to always use command line

  • Custom domains

  • Google Analytics support

  • Syncs with GitHub

    • Bi-directional support

    • I can make hooks into GitBook via GitHub hooks, see gitbook-summary

  • Renaming pages appears to maintain old URLs

    • Only if it is not moved to a different folder

  • Works decently on my 11” iPad Pro 2018

    • Browsing is fine on quarter, half or full screen

    • Can’t use Safari’s split screen mode for editing

      • Require’s using full screen, sad

  • Works 1146px width (UWQD Display: 3440 / 3)


  • Organizing a lot of pages is difficult, even if nested

    • At 59 pages, it was already difficult to reorganize

    • I may have to organize things on the filesystem/markdown

    • I could potentially move to a second GitBook, but I like everything organized in one for now

  • Long pages can be very confusing

    • Better to break out the content into different pages

    • Increases the problem of organizing a lot of pages

  • Content is not really "static"


  • Doesn't use same header shortcuts as Google Docs


  • Single theme

    • I don't really mind it. It's a decent but most importantly, usable theme.

  • Logs to git commit history could be nicer

  • No offline read/write support

    • Workaround is to download the repository

  • Moving pages doesn't redirect to new URL

    • For renaming pages in the same directory structure, the old url still works

    • For moving pages into a different directory, the old url will not work

  • I tried to compile a version using their gitbook-cli tool but it failed on notes/javascript/fetch.md


  • GitBook stores assets/images under .gitbook/assets

  • Assets retain their filename

Other static site generators: https://www.staticgen.com

Previously using Phenomic. cons: Fully manual.

Other notable GitBooks:


Available Content Features

B​esides the standard Markdown features.

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