80 character limit

  • Forces you to focus on legibility.
    • Emphasis on short.
  • Encourages preserving source control blame
  • Long lines raises concerns on naming
  • Some languages may not be suitable for 80 characters.
  • Can make some functions or conditions longer
    • When writing conditions, consider breaking them into multiple conditions. See below for reasoning.
  • The focus on short may may become bad.
    • Example: Bad variable names.
    • Example: Too many small functions. Makes it difficult to understand flow.
    • Aim for balance.
  • Not everyone has the same screen size as you
  • Choose the lowest common denominator
    • How many characters can comfortably in the tools you use?
        • 13" MacBookPro on "More Space" Resolution (1680x1050) can only comfortably show 104 characters
        • 1280px width can comfortably show 87 characters.
      • See my testing
  • URLs. Always try to use full URLs as much as possible as it helps the reader to intuit the purpose of the URL.
Last modified 3yr ago