MacBook Pro 15" 2017

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My main workhorse when I need to do anything serious.

I go for the 15" for the ability to put two windows side by side. Unfortunately more and more UI is not being friendly to this layout style.

I use my iPad Pro 11" 2018 primarily for note taking and doing something I need to focus on.

The laptop can be very distracting as I can easily switch between applications. The laptop is designed for multitasking, and unfortunately allows me to do it seamlessly.

The iPad doesn't do multitasking as well, and thus forces me to focus.

MacBook Pro 15" 2017

Note: This is the USB-C MacBook Pros


  • Lighter than the previous (non USB-C) builds

    • 500grams lighter

  • "Universal" charger; via USB-C


  • Escape key is not a physical button (uses TouchBar)

    • I'm a VIM user, and I think a physical escape key would make a huge different even on other apps.


  • I don't mind USB-C

    • Personally, I don't use accessories much

    • So I enjoy the weight savings

  • Pushing 4K@60hz to an external monitor

    • Works with a USB-C to DisplayPort cable

    • None of the USB-C to HDMI adapters dont seem to work for me

MacBook Air 15"

I want a MacBook Air 15".

  • I like the bigger screen of the MacBook Pro 15"

  • I like the weight/size of the MacBook Air

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