This is a public braindump of all my thoughts.

Every page here is a living document (see my commit history) and is not written in stone. Expect content to be updated, reorganized, shuffled, archived, whatever it is, based on any learnings or life experiences that I may go through.

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Part of the purpose of this site is to provide quick references for myself, and other people. Document the knowledge I know, so that I can scale myself.

I also keep other public notes in Notion.

Services I Offer

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Startup Consulting, on Software Engineering

Recent Portfolio

Visit the Portfolio, Projects, Tools, Toys page for more.

Deep Thought

A place for me to reflect on my thoughts, and hopefully learn from others as well.

Various tools I created to solve my own problems


A note taking tool to help organize notes by tags.


Routine/task management tool


Personal finance tracker.


Malaysian event aggregator for technology and startup communities.

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