AirPods Pro

I've owned:

  • 1st Gen AirPods

  • Powerbeats Pro

  • AirPods Pro

Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods Pro

Powerbeats Pro:

  • I like the hooks, because I feel like I won't lose them

  • Feels more durable, and less fragile (in a good way)

  • I feel more comfortable with them being out of their case

    • I am comfortable with them being randomly in my pocket

  • Because they feel more durable, I may not need to carry the case with me

AirPods Pro

  • Active Noise Cancellation

  • Wireless Charging

  • Much smaller case (comfortably fits in my pocket)

  • Still feels like they can pop out of your ear

  • Because the stem is smaller than the AirPods, it feels less fragile

AirPods 1st Gen

I used to own the first generation 2016 model.


  • Convenient.

    • Small pill shape means I can carry it around with me everywhere.

    • No tangled wires.

  • iCloud integration.

    • Easy switching between devices.

I don't mind the battery life, though some people seem to have problems with it.

The Apple headsets have always fit me fine. They don't come out when I'm running on the treadmill, or on the elliptical.

I sometimes only get one headset to connect.

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