I've been using Apple devices since 2001, but I'm curious about exploring Windows for its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and how Satya Nadella is now leading the direction of Microsoft.

I enjoy the Apple ecosystem for its integration. I won't say I'm an Apple enthusiast, but I really enjoy the integration across devices.


  • Integration across devices

    • Easy to switch devices which your AirPods are connected to

    • Copy/pasting works seamlessly across devices

      • Handover is nice

      • Airdrop is convenient

  • Devices retains value

  • Thieves nowadays are less inclined to steal Apple devices as they hard more difficult to unlock

  • Apple Health integration

  • Tracking of devices

  • Family support

    • Family sharing

      • Purchase Sharing

      • iCloud Storage

      • I don't use:

        • Apple Music

        • Location Sharing

        • Screen Time

  • Seamless migration between devices

    • For example:

      • iPhone 6S to iPhone X

      • iPad Pro 2017" to iPad Pro 2018"

    • Support by iCloud


  • Apple ecosystem has gotten expensive

    • Devices

      • MacBook Pro 15": $1,999

      • Apple Watch Series 4: $399

      • iPhone X 256GB: $1149

      • iPad 2018 256GB: $949

      • AirPods: $159

      • Total: $4,655

    • Subscriptions

      • Apple Family: $2.99/month for 200GB

        • I personally think this is reasonable


  • Cheaper devices

  • AirPower

  • Apple Health app for iPad, and macOS

    • I want to be able to view my Apple Health information on my different devices

  • MacBook Air 15"

Buying a Device

  • Check MacRumor's Buyer's Guide on when to best buy one

  • Ideally soon after launch

    • Apple doesn't releases devices often, so this is the best way to maximize the value of the latest device

Options to buying cheaper:

  • Buy refurbished:

  • BHPhotoVideo offers discounts once in a while

    • No taxes if shipping to states outside of California

  • After the launch of a new device

  • Wait till sales periods

    • Black Friday and Cyber Monday, late Nov

    • Christmas sales

Yearly Schedule


  • Spring refresh in late march


  • WWDC

    • Announcement of new macOS

    • Announcement of new iOS


  • New MacBooks


  • Announcement of new iPhones


  • New iPhone launches

  • new iOS launch

  • new macOS launch


  • Announcement of new iPad Pros


  • New iPad Pros

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales


  • Christmas sales

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