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COVID 19/Corona Virus

Stay at Home Recommendations

  • Knowing this is long term, I've rearranged my furniture making it more comfortable to move around, preparing for long term
    • I've made my balcony more comfortable, I haven't spent as much time on it as I have now
  • Shipments from China take much longer now, this means online deliveries may take longer. If possibly can order locally
    • Order things knowing they may 1-2+ weeks to arrive
  • Prices for non essential has gone up. Nintendo Switches have increased in price in Malaysia
  • Great time to learn something! I've been learning DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, GoCD
    • Great time to learn cooking!
  • It's a great time to rearrange your house~
  • Exercise at home, lots of people doing online fitness exercises
  • Online delivery of food is fully booked for the week+
  • You’ll eat more, since there is nothing else to do
Boyfriends/husbands, don't know what grocery is what? These guide may help you out
There are a lot of learning resources available online for free now~That's all I remember for now, will share more as I remember


Wearing a mask
  • You should a mask only if you are sick.
    • The mask protects other people from yourself
    • It doesn't protect you from others
    • Unfortunately, requires sick people to wear the mask
Quarantine Games