• How many requests can their server take

  • How long does it take for the server to handle a request

  • Request/second

  • How many requests can you parallelize

  • From a single process

  • From multiple process

  • How do you track what needs to be scraped


  • Maximize number of requests/sec

  • Less compute resources used


  • Database

  • Queue


  • Avoid nosql

  • Use a SQL database from the start, since you’ll most likely be exporting/querying it

  • Easier to change field names

  • Run SQL queries to fix

  • One table per “type” of page

  • One table for the pagination results

  • Another table for page results

  • Another table for consolidated results

  • This can be the source of truth

  • Hard part may be figuring out what should exist in the consolidated table, but doesn’t

Log to the console:

  • page/id scraped

  • time scraped

  • Time it took to scrape page