UX I like:

    Keyboard shortcuts.
      Plus points if it follows vim scrolling
      Plus points if it reuses familiar shortcuts

UX I hate:

    Over use of Modal dialogs
      Some Modal dialogs should be pages
      Some Modal dialogs should rewrite browser url to a page that can load it
      Modal dialogs are great for small interstitials, not whole pages
      Don't block my screen with a modal dialog asking me to subscribe
    URLs that don't return back to a useful page
    Making websites that don't fit in a resolution of width of960x600
    Don't ask me to download your mobile app
    When asking people to enter something difficult (ie, short urls) and not using base58
    Preventing me from using the back/forward button
    Stupid password limits
    Making it difficult to unsubscribe

Phone Notifications

Don't spam my phone with marketing notifications. I know you can't get my attention via email spam, so don't spam me unless I ask for it.

Region Locking

Apps that restrict you to a particular country, with no good reason
For example, I am on the US Apple App Store, but I can't download the Starbucks Malaysia App.
Malaysia Culprits:
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