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UX I like:

  • Keyboard shortcuts.
    • Plus points if it follows vim scrolling
    • Plus points if it reuses familiar shortcuts

UX I hate:

  • Over use of Modal dialogs
    • Some Modal dialogs should be pages
    • Some Modal dialogs should rewrite browser url to a page that can load it
    • Modal dialogs are great for small interstitials, not whole pages
    • Don't block my screen with a modal dialog asking me to subscribe
  • URLs that don't return back to a useful page
  • Making websites that don't fit in a resolution of width of960x600
  • Clickbait
  • Don't ask me to download your mobile app
  • When asking people to enter something difficult (ie, short urls) and not using base58
  • Preventing me from using the back/forward button
  • Stupid password limits
  • Making it difficult to unsubscribe

Phone Notifications

Don't spam my phone with marketing notifications. I know you can't get my attention via email spam, so don't spam me unless I ask for it.

Region Locking

Apps that restrict you to a particular country, with no good reason
For example, I am on the US Apple App Store, but I can't download the Starbucks Malaysia App.
Malaysia Culprits: