iPad Pro 11" 2018

My main note taking device. For anything serious, I go to my MacBook Pro 15", for its larger screen, and mouse support.
What I like about a tablet/iPad:
  • Can casually bring to meetings
    • Less serious than a laptop
  • Because I can do less on the iPad, it forces me to focus
  • The lack of good multi-tasking is a positive for me. I get less distracted.
  • Apple Health app for iPad
    • I want to be able to view my Apple Health information on my iPad

iPad Pro 11" 2018 vs iPad Pro 10.9" 2017

Overall: It's still an iPad
  • I like the USB-C, "universal" charger everywhere
  • Larger screen
  • Apple case protects the full iPad

iPad Pro 12.9" 2017

I used to own the larger iPad Pro 12.9" 2017 model. It's big. It feels like a great laptop replacement, but it's big and not entirely practical to carry around with me everywhere, hence why I like the smaller model.