Where to buy:

  • $$$: Online at ticket master

    • TicketMaster charges a “convenience fee” of 15-20% on top of the box office price

    • Allows you to book in advance

    • Nice interface to choose seats

  • $$: At the box office itself

    • Saves on TicketMaster fees

  • $: Resellers (TodayTix)

Broadway, 1 seat to another can be overly priced. But the view may actually not be too different.

Is the price worth the difference?

Find closest seat to the upper price.

I’ve gotten great cheap seats in a small theater. In small theater prices matter less.

What determines if it’s a small theater?

Number of seats per row.

Number of sears from stage

Size of seats

Sears are usually small

They try to pack as many people in the theater as possible

12th row: about 10 meters only.

One seat is about 3 feet tall.

My preference is front mezzanine.

If you get mezzanine seats you can see the “depth” of the theater, and the different performers in back. I feel like I experience the “magic” of broadway the most here.

Front row, you are right under the performers. I don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t like being so close, because I like to see the “whole” performance.

Sitting in the rear back nosebleed seats, I don’t really experience the “magic”.

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