Negotiation / Deciding

Know your worth.
If their asking price is too low, ask what career track is like, so you can discuss how you can achieve the level you want.

  • Signing bonus?
  • Base salary?
  • Equity?
  • Total compensation?

  • Glassdoor
  • Paysa
  • Interview with other companies to better calibrate Market Rates

  • What are you prioritizing for?
  • Choose a team for growth
  • How will this help your spiritual growth?
  • Do you have any devops?
  • Do you have any SRE?
  • Vacation policy?
  • Sick leave policly?
  • Maternity/Paternity leave?
  • How does the company dogfood their own product?

  • How integrated is the company?

  • What are meeting policies like?
  • What are the laptop policies during meetings?

  • How do you handle exit interviews?

  • What can you learn from your new colleagues?

  • Do you do lunch meetings?
  • Do you have lunch at your desk?
  • Does the team go for lunch together?
  • How do you integrate new employees?

  • What tooling do you have?
  • What tools do you have for onboarding?
  • What tools do you have for feedback?
  • What tools do you have to manage momentum?
  • What tools do you have for measurements and metrics?
  • What tools do you have for effectiveness?
  • How do you schedule time for building tooling?
  • Is tooling an after sight?
  • How much time do you spend on your tooling?

  • How long will onboarding take?
  • How many reponsitories do you they have?
  • How many lines of code?
  • What programming language do they use?
  • How do they maintain the language?
  • What tools do they have to maintain the language?
  • What tooling has the team built?
  • What is your plan of attack?
  • What are your companies best practices?
  • How fast can you learn the context?
  • How do you easy onboarding?
  • How fast do you teach the require processes?

  • Ask how do people collaborate?
  • How well is collaboration done across teams?
  • How big is the team? Larger teams have much larger communication overhead.

  • Where does the company have momentum?
  • What momentum does the company have?

  • How do I best deliver feedback?
  • What platforms do you have for feedback?
  • Do you have an employee engagement survey? CultureAmp
  • How is feedback managed?

  • What needles are you trying to move?
  • How do you measure your metrics?

  • What is the team excited about?

  • What processes do you have to deploy code in to production

  • What bottlenecks are you facing?
  • How do you release those bottlenecks?
  • How do you balance delivering business value and managing technical debt?
  • How do you reduce the technical debt?
  • Do you have monitoring/alerts?
  • How is knowledge shared? Presentations/Demos/Repositories
  • How "open" is the company?
  • How is feedback managed?
  • How well do the executives steer the company?
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