Note Taking

Note taking serves a different purpose than writing documents. This is just to jot down information.

Also see Productivity

What I Wish For:

  • Tags / Taxonomy

  • Automatic Entering of Timestamps

Requirements for Note Taking

  • Has to handle a lot of notes, think 1000s of notes

  • Decent styling

Apple Notes

Used for:

  • Basic note taking.

  • Short term notes.


  • Sync across Apple devices


  • Doesn't scale when you have 1000s of notes


Feels clumsy

Google Docs

I use this with my Timestamps tool.

Method of use:

  • Single document per topic

  • Timestamp the time of entering note

Used for:

  • Notes I know I want to keep long term/archive

nvAlt / Notational Velocity

This used to be my power horse, but I've stopped using it once syncing with other products worked decently.

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