Contacting Me
or how to cold message me.
I write this for people who:
    Want to reach out to me
    Send me a LinkedIn request without a note
I don't mind connecting, but I'd like to know:
    who I'm connecting with
    that my connections are of a higher quality
My recommendations for reaching out to me:
    Please be kind, courteous.
    Introduce yourself. Tell me who you are and a bit of background about you.
    Tell me how you found me.
    Tell me directly what you want. Be it help, advice, internship, etc. Please do not beat around the bush.
    You don't need to be formal.
    If you email me, do share your phone number, or preferred way of texting you so that we can keep conversations casual. (WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram)
I apologize if this appears curt, or intimidating but it helps both of us.
Last modified 5mo ago
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