Remote Calls
Now that we are all WFH, some remote video meetings tips:
    Try to use a microphone
    Turn on your webcam
      Let's be comfortable with everyone in their home clothes and no makeup. No judgement here~
    Check your microphone source is correct
      Mine sometimes messes up when I connect/disconnect to my webcam/mic
    Join meetings a bit early (mute your audio/video, lower your volume) so that you don't miss a meeting.
      Also drop the URL in a slack channel so that other people can easily join
      Ask people to join early as well, so that you can socialize as well
    In a meeting, and no one there? When pinging people, drop the URL in the message
    Have a recurring meeting? Use a slackbot reminder to send the meeting URL early to a meeting
/remind #channel "Standup $URL" at 10.55am every Monday
    Can't hear someone? Try to use visual cues to get their attention (thumbs up/ thumbs down)
    Waiting for people?
      Use a timer, and share it on screen so that everyone is in sync, an overlay would be nice
Any other tips/suggestions I missed out?
Last modified 1yr ago
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