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Interview Guide

Define your expectations, know yourself:
  • What kind of job do you want?
  • How much time do you want to spend on your job?
  • How much do you want to make?
  • Do you want mentorship?
  • What are you optimizing for?
  • What would you like to work on?
    • Industry?
    • Skills?
  • Do you have a company in mind you want to work for?
  • How much risk are you willing to take?
  • What company culture do you want?
  • How do you want to work?
  • What are your criterias?
  • What do you want to achieve in your career?
  • Do you enjoy building one thing, or many things?

Work Arrangements

Full Time
Part Time
Full Time Onsite
Part Time Onsite
Full Time Remote
Part Time Remote

Career Advice

Random / Unsorted

  • What are the philosophies of interviewing?
  • What is the goal of the interview process?
  • Is the goal to make the candidate feel like a failure?
  • Is the goal to make the candidate feel like a success?
  • Is the goal to make the candidate feel like a success?
  • Will this interviewee be impactful?
  • Are you hiring for their strengths?
  • Are you not hiring for their weaknesses?
  • For more senior/experienced people, they will have a multitude of experiences.
  • What are the interviewee's strengths, and where can they be applied? where can the interviewee belong?
  • What other critierias do you interview for? Tardiness? Earliness?
  • What tools do they use?
  • Will they bring up the average? What average will they drop?
  • Take your power trip else where
  • Do you know how to interview senior people?
  • How do you think your interview process/grading is broken?
  • How do you set up your interviewees up for success?
  • Can't see the forest for the trees.
    • What can 100 lines of code make up for 1,000,000 lines of code?
  • Not living in the area?
    • Ask if you can use someones address