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The assumptions written here are for right hand drive cars. Please apply to the appropriate country you are in.

Right Hand Drive Cars

Language for Right Hand Drive Cars.
Includes: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK.
  • Don't be inconsiderate
    • Don't drive inconsiderately
    • Don't park inconsiderately
  • Always use your turn signals
    • Even if there are no cars there, it is a good habit to use them.
    • Be intentional about your direction.
    Never cruise in the fast lane (right most lane).
    • If you are planning to cruise, do it in the middle lane.
  • Never change direction in the last second
    • This can cause an accident
    • If you are going to possibly miss a turn, just miss it instead of quickly serving to try to make your turn
  • If you need to make an immediate left after a right turn, stay on the left side (outside turn).