Choosing A Company
How do you decide or discover which company to join?
    If you have a company in mind, apply there
    If you not, then you have a discovery problem.
      Look for a rocketship company
      Look at job boards
      Talk to recruiting agencies to shop your resume around

Which Company?

In general:
    Join a rocket ship company
Eric Schmidt (as CEO of Google) to Sheryl Sandberg when deciding to join Google, and now COO of Facebook:
'If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, get on, don't ask what seat.' I tell people in their careers, ‘look for growth.’ Look for the teams that are growing quickly. Look for the companies that are doing well. Look for a place where you feel that you can have a lot of impact.”
I'm interested in companies with products I used, so I reached out:
As you will be someone who is going through the job application process, you could focus on companies.

Company Qualities

Rocketship Companies

    Should be able to make amazing financial returns
    You will get more credit for just being there at the right time
    You can get lost in the growth
    Rapid growth, could mean a lot of disorganization
    You can get lost in the growth
    Large companies can also have rocketship growth
      Example: Amazon
      Some teams may have rocketship growth, some teams not
      Established teams, most likely will not have rocketship growth
      New teams may have rocketship growth, looking to prove themselves

Lifestyle Company:

    Potentially more comfortable pace
    Don't expect rapid growth

Size: Small, Angel, Seed

    You can contribute to other areas of outside of your domain
    Room for larger impact across the organization
    Easier to find meaning from your work
    Potentially high reward, also high risk
    Don't expect much mentorship, or good mentorship
      Unless the other people in your team have experience as well
    High risk, potentially high reward

Large: Series C+, Public

    Large number of people you can potentially learn from
    Low risk, good pay
    Just another cog in the wheel
    Glorified engineer
    Can be paid well for doing "non impactful" things
    Have to find meaning from it
    Different teams can have different cultures
      Established teams may not have rocketship growth.
From ex Facebook Software Engineer:
The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.

Evaluating Companies

    How much risk are you willing to take?
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