Portfolio, Projects, Tools, Toys


Various tools I created to solve my own problems


Personal finance tracker.


A note taking tool to help organize notes by tags.


Routine/task management tool


Malaysian event aggregator for technology and startup communities.

Deep Thought

A place for me to reflect on my thoughts, and hopefully learn from others as well.



I use timestamps a lot to journal, write notes or reports. It helps me organize my documents and thoughts, and to help me keep track of time.


I occasionally have to message stranger on WhatsApp, but I don't necessarily want to add their contact to my address book.
You can use a WhatsApp "API" to open up message to a phone number, without having it in your phone book.


URL Shortener

I wrote a URL Shortener to learn serverless, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB.

GitHub Repositories

I create a lot of experimental repositories to test out and save information.

Character Length

I use this to determine how many characters fit when working with code on different platforms (GitHub, GitLab, Phabricator, CLI, Editors)


All my dotfiles

SVG Examples

I use SVG to generate PDFs, and need a resource to test how some attributes work.


Test different platforms (GitHub, and GitLab) ability to display git mv.

Data Sets

I sometimes generate datasets for me to make informed decisions on, and I thought I'd share them publicly for others to also use.

List of Schools in Malaysia

Malaysian 14th General Election Promises

Members of the 14th Parliament