Board Games


  • Catan

  • Citadels

  • Dixit

  • Exploding Kittens

  • King of Tokyo

  • King of New York

  • Saboteur

  • Takenoko

  • Pandemic

  • Power Grid

  • Code names

  • Ghost blitz

Board Games in General

I like playing card/board games, they teach:

  • strategy

    • putting your opponents at a disadvantage

  • risk / reward

  • resource management

  • faith / hope

They don’t have the pressure of a video game and Fast reflexes

Learning Rules

  • Search for YouTube instructions

  • Search for digital copies of instructions manual

Teaching other people the rules

Begin by explaining the winning condition first.

For example:

  • Win by scoring 10 points, here is how you score the points

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