Personal Goals
I share this so that I have a place to discuss with people goal setting.
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Health Goals

Mental Health Goals

    Be at peace with myself
    Not irritated at everything around me
    To center myself

Physical Health Goals

    Be healthy to travel
      No problem going up and down stairs
      My physical health isn't a burden to people
    Being able to travel and not have my health burden people

Financial Goals

    Develop enough passive income to cover my lifestyle
    Creates more time for myself
    Don't have to worry about money
    Make enough money where
      I have freedom of time
      I don't have to worry about money
    Whats most important is money after taxes
    I want to make money to center myself
    I want to make money to travel more comfortably
      Nicer hotels, with a working desk
      Pay for better flights
    I want to make money to imbalance the income disparity
      In my head, I feel that I know better how to distribute the money

Retirement Goals

    Surround myself with people I enjoy being with
    Be able to keep myself at a happy busy

"Before I Die" Goals

    Set up a will
    Share as much knowledge as I have
      Share my list of best practices and gotchas

"Larger than me" Goals

    Making the world a fairer place
    Reducing income disparity

"Good Enough" Goals

I just want to be good enough at this, I don’t need to be the best
    Play an instrument
    Speak multiple languages
    Physical Health
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