New Reports
What to do when working with new reports.
What to do when working with new reports.
    Context Sharing
      Sharing Context
      Sharing Purpose
      Sharing Mission
      Sharing Standards, and Expectations
    Build Trust and Rapport
      Important in first 1:1
    Create a 30/60/90-Day Plan
    Encourage Participation By Updating The New Hire Documentation
    Communicate Your Style and Expectations
    Get Feedback From Your New Hire
    Identifying Knowledge That They Need To Learn
      Look for their blind spots
      Required to bring them up to speed
      Show them tools, tips and tricks
    “Fresh pair of eyes”
      Look for my blind spots
      Ask them suggestions for new tools

The First 1:1 Getting To Know Them

    Get to know them as a person
      Hobbies, Interests, Passions
    What motivates them?
    Why did they join the company?
    How long ago did they join the company?
    Are they achieving the goals they set out when the joined?
    What keeps them in the company?
    What keeps them in the team?
    What would they change about the company?
    Career goals?
    Ask for feedback on company
      Track problems
      Track possible improvements
      Ask to provide solutions
      “Fresh pair of eyes”

30/60/90 Day Plan

30 Day Plan
    Identify any issues with them in the company
    Be familiar with the existence of tools and standards
    They should know how to commit code by now
    On boarding session conducted
    Teaching them the “unknown unknowns”
90 Day Plan
    Should have no problems with
    Fully familiar with frameworks
    Majority of uncertainty removed
    Performance Review should be “Meeting Expectations”
Review the Employee
    Is this person creating more problems?
    Is your time spent with this person better spent on other things?
Review Yourself
    Are you giving proper mentorship
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