New Reports

What to do when working with new reports.

What to do when working with new reports.

  • Context Sharing

    • Sharing Context

    • Sharing Purpose

    • Sharing Mission

    • Sharing Standards, and Expectations

  • Build Trust and Rapport

    • Important in first 1:1

  • Create a 30/60/90-Day Plan

  • Encourage Participation By Updating The New Hire Documentation

  • Communicate Your Style and Expectations

  • Get Feedback From Your New Hire

  • Identifying Knowledge That They Need To Learn

    • Look for their blind spots

    • Required to bring them up to speed

    • Show them tools, tips and tricks

  • “Fresh pair of eyes”

    • Look for my blind spots

    • Ask them suggestions for new tools

The First 1:1 Getting To Know Them

  • Get to know them as a person

    • Family

    • Hobbies, Interests, Passions

    • History

  • What motivates them?

  • Why did they join the company?

  • How long ago did they join the company?

  • Are they achieving the goals they set out when the joined?

  • Purpose?

  • What keeps them in the company?

  • What keeps them in the team?

  • What would they change about the company?

  • Career goals?

  • Ask for feedback on company

    • Track problems

    • Track possible improvements

    • Ask to provide solutions

    • “Fresh pair of eyes”

30/60/90 Day Plan

30 Day Plan

  • Identify any issues with them in the company

  • Be familiar with the existence of tools and standards

  • They should know how to commit code by now

  • On boarding session conducted

  • Teaching them the “unknown unknowns”

90 Day Plan

  • Should have no problems with

    • Coding

    • Tools

  • Fully familiar with frameworks

  • Majority of uncertainty removed

  • Performance Review should be “Meeting Expectations”

Review the Employee

  • Is this person creating more problems?

  • Is your time spent with this person better spent on other things?

Review Yourself

  • Are you giving proper mentorship

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