Apple Watch Series 4

I own the Apple Watch Series 4 44mm Aluminum.

Overall review:

  • It's just a watch. Nothing fancy, and nice to have.

  • Most things you can already do on your phone

    • But my phone is already a distracting device, so let's limit me even accessing it

Common Uses:

  • Finding my phone

    • Now that I'm not attached to my phone, I misplace my phone more often, but I'm ok with that


  • Removes me from the addiction/distraction of my phone

  • Easy access to a timer

    • I usually set timers so that I can help focus for a certain period of time

    • Notify myself when I need to do something in X minutes

      • For example: Remind me that I need to leave in 40 minutes

  • Health tracking keeps me accountable when used with exercise


  • Requires an iPhone

  • Enabling DND in watch, also enable it on phone. Alternative is to use Airplane mode

  • Airplane mode doesn’t have similar DND feature if “Turn off in 1 hour”

  • Glass seems to get easily scratched

Others Uses:

  • Airplane mode

    • For when I want my watch on to track my health, but not be distracted by notifications

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 4 44m:

  • Larger screen size

  • Can fit more text on screen

  • Easier to read notifications

  • Thinner, and personally I find it more aesthetically better looking

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