Ditch the Apple podcast app. It sucks. I'm using Castbox for now.

  • Apple Podcast

    • Crap app

  • Castbox

    • My current player

  • Spotify Podcasts

    • Doesn't have all players

    • Even with Spotify Premium, podcasts may have their own ads

      • I don't blame Spotify Premium or the Podcast, it's sad because I expect having "Spotify Premium" there should be no ads whatsoever


  • Product Radio Hunt

  • ETL: Entrepneurial Thought Leaders

  • npr: Hidden Brain

  • npr: How I Built This

  • npr: Planet Money

  • 99% Invisible

  • BusinessWars

  • the Indie hackers

  • a16z

  • Startup School

  • Masters of Scale with Reed Hoffman

  • 36 Questions - The Podcast Musical

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