Also called:

  • 1 on 1s



  • Create human connection between you and your manager

  • Regular opportunity for you to speak privately with your manager about whatever needs discussing

Great managers notice when your normal energy level changes, and will hopefully care enough to ask you about it

  • Report has to take responsibility for good 1:1s as well

  • Try to take it out of normal working behavior

  • Have Skip-Level Meetings

    • Meet with your managers manager

    • Meet with your reports report

My Personal 1:1 Practice

  • Keep notes about each 1:1

  • I share discussion points before hand

  • I share some of my notes of our meeting in our private direct messages

    • Currently a private message in Slack


  • Create actionable items

    • Review past actionable items

List of running 1:1 Themes

  • Calibration

  • Expectations

  • Task Management

  • Mentorship / Learning / Growing

  • Teams

  • Leadership

  • Career



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