New vs Old


Doing something new

  • Requires being in a state of mind for openness

  • Requires mental capacity to explore new things

  • Requires being mindful

  • Requires patience, can be frustrating with a different and new set of expectations

  • Staying at the edge of new requires perseverance, discipline, and faith

    • No guidance at the edge of new

    • No documentation

    • No other experience to learn from

    • No guides, no mentors

    • Uncharted territory

      • Exploring uncharted territories is itself a skill

  • Staying at the edge of everything new can thin you out


  • Can provide more leverage

  • Provides variety

  • Potentially high reward (at the cons of high risk)


  • Uncertain

  • Untested

  • Can be frustrating, requires patience

  • High risk (at the pros of a potentially high reward)


Doing something old

  • Requires practice, routine, familiarity

  • Provides comparison when doing new things

  • Provides wisdom when handling uncertainty

  • Familiar set of expectations

  • Can develop deep skills


  • Can ground, anchor, and center you

  • Low risk (at the cons of low reward)

  • Safe bets

  • Familiar, don't have to learn anything new

  • Can be mindless and rely on old habits and routines


  • Can hold you back

  • Low reward (at the pros of low risk)

  • Can leave you complacent and lazy

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