Video Games
I primarily like the Nintendo platform for their exclusives.
I like:
  • Strategy games
  • RPGs (mostly Japanese)

I spent many hours in Diablo II, and some in Diablo III. It's nice to just mindlessly hack and slash.

I love the strategy elements of Starcraft. It's WarCraft in space, what could go wrong? I didn't get much into Starcraft II though.

What a refreshing video game. Literally a breath of fresh air.
Got at your own pace. Do your own thing. The world can wait.
So much to explore, and every part of the world looks distinct and different.
Oh and it has durian's in it too.

I love the art direction, and how much more emotive Link is. Sea faring can be a bit dull.

Be it the N64, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, or Switch, it's fun beating up people and seeing characters from different worlds fight it out.
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