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Update serverless

npm i -g serverless

Create typescript project

serverless create --template aws-nodejs-typescript --path project-name

Best Practices / Learnings So Far

  • Don't overload your serverless.yml with many services.

    • See DynamoDB gotcha

  • Failures can leave your deployment in an uncertain state

    • You may have to delete the file from S3

  • Errors with your cloudformation can really put you in an inconsistent state

  • Cannot update more than one GSI at a time

  • Use tags in your serverless.yml

    • You'll have to manually tag your IAM roles. AWS doesn't currently support cloudformation tagging of IAM roles.

One or many `serverless.yml`

When working on a project, should you use one or many serverless.yml files?

  • For demos, its easier to just use one.

  • For production use many.

One serverless.yml


  • Great for demonstrating a single concept


  • Hard to isolate services when needing to upgrade

Great for demoing a serverless project.

Many serverless.yml


  • Distribute your services across multiple serverless.yml

  • Easier to limit deployments


  • Requires more configuration

Necessary when you need to deploy across different regions. For example: ap-southeast-1 and us-esat-1, this is needed because SES only works in certain regions.

AWS - Invoke Local

Great for testing functions locally.

serverless invoke local --function functionName

If you want to pass a url into the event.body

JSON.stringify({ body: JSON.stringify($value)})


serverless invoke local --function functionName --data $string

API Gateway Gotchas

API Gateway Bad Naming

By default Serverless names the API Gateway as $stage-$service

This is not scaleable when you have many services. To fix this update your serverless.yml:

Type: AWS::ApiGateway::RestApi
Name: ${self:service}-${opt:stage}



WARNING: Changing table names drops the original database.

Be very careful.

  • Cannot rename tables (also a dynamodb restriction)

  • Cannot change indices

    • I wanted to created a new index from end_time to start_time but it told me to create a new index

  • Changing/adding/remove indexes is painful

Cannot reuse existing DynamoDBs

Serverless cannot reuse existing DyanmoDB tables. It will error our if you try to use it:

An error occurred: eventsTable - $table already exists.

Billing Mode: Pay Per Request

I ran into bugs trying to move to "PAY_PER_REQUEST" mode, and then I couldn't deploy, and when I think I fixed this, I got this error:

An error occurred: $table - Subscriber limit exceeded: Update to PayPerRequest mode are limited to once in 1 day(s). Last update at Sat Feb 23 03:07:45 UTC 2019. Next update can be made at Sun Feb 24 03:07:45 UTC 2019 (Service: AmazonDynamoDBv2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: LimitExceededException; Request ID: E2GS9JLCCLIUH8BNIPQN32UEDBVV4KQNSO5AEMVJF66Q9ASUAAJG).

Plugin: serverless-dynamodb-local

This seems like a poor plugin.

  • Have to use v0.2.30

  • Constantly has problems running

    • Have to consistently remove and install

Useful locally for:

  • migrations

  • seeding

Use v0.2.30, there are problems with the latest version.

yarn add --dev [email protected]


By default, the roles you create apply to all functions.

You can define individual roles to functions via

Serverless Alternatives

AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)


  • Directly define CloudFormation naming


  • More complex flags to use for deploying

  • No templating

Personal Prototypes / Toys / Experiments