Benefits of Prototyping:

  • Quick evaluation

  • Quick iteration

  • Can build breadth of skills

Cons of Prototyping:

  • Can't build deep skills

    • Can narrow what you are prototyping to build deep skills

Questions to ask when Prototyping

  • What are the limitations?

  • When should I use it?

  • When should I not use it?

  • How much will it cost?

  • How small can I start?

  • How can I make an MVP?

  • How can I make it lean?


  • How is the data model?

  • How is the data accessed?

  • How easy is it to export the data?

  • How easy is it to import the data?

Web App

  • Prototype frontend with create-react-app


  • Document learning to prototype faster

What I want to play around with:

  • AWS

    • AppSync

      • How does the GraphQL map to DynamoDB?

    • DynamoDB

      • How does it compare to GCP Firestore?

  • Apollo (GraphQL Server)

    • How does it compare with Facebook's graphql-js implementation?

  • GCP

    • How does it compare with AWS?

      • What is better?

      • What is worse?

    • Firebase

      • When, where should I use it?

    • Firestore

      • How does it compare to AWS DynamoDB?

    • Cloud functions

      • Testing async/await

      • Hosting a GraphQL instance on it

Toys I want to build

  • Slido clone


Considerations (for pickup and delivery):

  • number of vehicles/manpower

  • time

  • location

  • weather

  • difficulty , for example

    • front door vs

    • apartment vs

    • office unit



  • Save time

  • Save fuel costs