For some reason the last argument isa file. To output to stdout use /dev/stdout

aws lambda invoke --function-name $fn /dev/stdout


Maximum of 1000 executions at a time

Execution Time

  • Default is 6 seconds

    • Just change it to 30 seconds

  • Maximum is 15 minutes

  • When using with API Gateway, maximum is 30 seconds

  • When making web requests, it is easy to pass 6 second limit


  • Minimum is 128MB; goes up in 64MB increments

  • Max is 3GB

  • When using with Node.js and Express you have to increase to at least 192MB


  • Debugging is a little harder

    • For some reason, output isn’t as clean as debugging using Node.js


  • API Gateway

  • Try command line

    • sls invoke local —function $f —data $d

    • aws lambda invoke —function-name $f —post

When not to use Lambda?

  • You have more than 1000 concurrent connections

  • When you have predictable traffic

  • You need something that lasts longer than 15minutes

  • The latency to fire has to be fast

  • The deployed code is larger than 50mb

Why I like lambda (or faas in general)

I can treat it as a script that doesn’t have a dependency on my computer

Prototype Projects