For some reason the last argument isa file. To output to stdout use /dev/stdout
aws lambda invoke --function-name $fn /dev/stdout


Maximum of 1000 executions at a time
Execution Time
    Default is 6 seconds
      Just change it to 30 seconds
    Maximum is 15 minutes
    When using with API Gateway, maximum is 30 seconds
    When making web requests, it is easy to pass 6 second limit
    Minimum is 128MB; goes up in 64MB increments
    Max is 3GB
    When using with Node.js and Express you have to increase to at least 192MB
    Debugging is a little harder
      For some reason, output isn’t as clean as debugging using Node.js
    API Gateway
    Try command line
      sls invoke local —function $f —data $d
      aws lambda invoke —function-name $f —post

When not to use Lambda?

    You have more than 1000 concurrent connections
    When you have predictable traffic
    You need something that lasts longer than 15minutes
    The latency to fire has to be fast
    The deployed code is larger than 50mb

Why I like lambda (or faas in general)

I can treat it as a script that doesn’t have a dependency on my computer

Prototype Projects

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