Master Plan

#Table Of Contents

#Master Plan: Be Fulfilled


  • Be fulfilled


  • Whatever I want
  • Whenever I want
  • Wherever I want

Ask yourself:

Sub Goals:

  • Have financial freedom
  • Create behaviors/habits/routines/rhythms/systems around fulfilmment
  • Be my own boss

#Have Financial Freedom

Sub Goals:

  • Generate Passive Income

#Generate Passive Income

Do this in parallel:

  • Build my own brand
  • Build my own business

These two will feed on itself.

#Build my own brand

  • Provide rare and unique value
  • Share the knowledge that I have learned
  • Participate in online communities

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#Build my own business

  • Build things that you would use indefinitely (tools).
  • Your tools would not go to waste.
  • Create your tools.
  • Share your tools.

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#Create behaviors/habits/routines/rhythms/systems around fulfillment

#Keep In View

  • Iterate
  • Reflect / Review / Reevaluate / Realign
  • Relationships
  • Expectations
  • Sacrifices